The first autonomous information security policy for healthcare providers

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Sophiahemmet CIO, Ragnar Sethson, presents with IT Manager, Henrik Jagemyr (Swedish)

DDA CEO, Martin Leger, presents with IT Manager, Hans Guens (English)

Meet the CIO, Ragnar Sethson, from Sophiahemmet and CEO, Martin Leger, from Direct Diagnostic Alliance (DDA). They will share their story in training their employees in security, complying with GDPR, and reducing the risk of sensitive data and patient records being subject to incidents.


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Recorded: May 5th, 2020
Duration: 50 minutes

Witness autonomous information security policy

Globally, the healthcare industry has experienced more security breaches than any other industry, so healthcare companies are leading the way in implementing the most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. You are invited to learn how Jazz Networks, together with UBA Networks, delivered Europe’s first autonomous information security.

Winner of U.S. Cyber Command insider threat simulation facing industry-leading DLP, EDR, UBA, and SIEM vendors

National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF) certified for User Activity Monitoring (CNSSD 504)

Secure customers in Scandinavia, U.K., and U.S.

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Experience the security that matters to you

Patient records are handled every day by healthcare professionals who does not have security as their specialty. Improve your cyber hygiene to reduce the risk of data breaches while your employees focus on their expertise–taking care of patients.

Discover whether you meet regulatory compliance

Measure threat risk, implement new security strategies, and ensure compliance. By tracking the movement of patient records on and across systems, breached policies can highlight steps needed to meet compliance standards.



Meet IT Security specialist from the industry

Meet the team from Jazz and UBA and see how we handle specific requests around sensitive patient data. How we went from a paper to a digital healthcare information security policy that proactively and fully autonomously educates healthcare employees and secures sensitive patient data.