The cybersecurity concerns of having a remote workforce

... and the steps to mitigate the risks

Companies are now facing uncharted territories and sending their workforce to work from home. While scrambling to get everyone what they need to perform their duties, a lack of planning and rushed decisions compromise the efforts to secure the organization–and its devices, data, and employees. 

  • What devices are employees using to perform their work duties–personal or corporate? 
  • What is happening to the organization's data–is it downloaded (and stored) to personal devices or sent to private e-mail addresses?
  • What applications are in use–is the 'remote worker' situation starting shadow IT practices?  
  • Who is accessing your corporate devices–are they being shared by kids or others in the household? 
  • What network-security practices are in place–and are employees using VPN as instructed? 
  • Are employees vigilant for phishing attempts? 

Winner of U.S. Cyber Command insider threat simulation facing industry-leading DLP, EDR, UBA, and SIEM vendors

National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF) certified for User Activity Monitoring (CNSSD 504)

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Date: April 23rd, 2020
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Stefan Jarlegren

Systems Engineer

Erkan Djafer

Systems Engineer

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In this webinar, we will be focus on how human-centric security will enable your organization to better understand user behavior. We will cover how you can use a data-driven approach to improve your cyber hygiene by educating your employees in real-time. Jazz Networks is a tool that is loved by security professionals all over the world. Award-winning technology with a wide range of reference customers.